What is Crisis in the Classroom?

Crisis in the Classroom is the brand name for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s national K-12 education franchise. Airing on 73 local news stations across the country, Crisis in the Classroom is focused on covering issues most important to American parents. Our social media platforms and website act as aggregators for the content produced by our local stations and national bureau. Crisis in the Classroom is not a non-profit organization.

I have a concern in my child’s school district. Where should I start?

Document your concerns. Save all examples from your child’s assignments, school board meeting agendas, etc. and reach out to district officials in writing. Keep note of timelines.

How can I speak up?

Attend school board meetings and address district officials directly during public comment periods. By doing so, you will make your concerns known and potentially encourage other parents facing the same issues.

What are some warning signs to look out for with our children?

Children may express confusion or discomfort with what they’re learning and hearing at school. If anything they share raises a flag, ask for further information and to see any school materials they bring home.

How do I know my rights?

Most school districts have school board and district policies linked on their websites. Read each and look for which ones apply to your concerns. Department of Education websites for each state will also publish standards, and those often vary state to state.

What is the best way to contact Crisis in the Classroom?

Please call us or send us a text at 202-417-7273. We will reach out as soon as we can. We know there are issues happening all across the country, and we are here to help.